We are a newfangled group of TTRPG supplementary content creators tasked with the quest of drawing new frontiers in what TTRPGs can and should do. Our mission is to give busy, fervent DMs advantage to run out-of-this-world campaigns by minimizing prep time and introducing fresh, artfully done content. Our goal is to become the vanguard resource that your campaign needs.

Our More-Than-a-Little-Weird Team

Kourtney Snow


Chief Creative Officer
Dungeon Master

Kourtney, or Kamm, has a daughter and wife and lives in sunny California. Kourtney has a background in theater and has been playing TTRPGs for about 5 years. It wasn't until 2 years ago that she started to play DND 5e by becoming a Dungeon Master for her group of friends. She enjoys worldbuilding, creating maps, homebrewing new creatures and learning new tools to incorporate into her DND campaigns. Besides DND, Kourtney also enjoys collecting knives and flashlights, photography, baking, and spending time with her family.



Chief Gaming Officer
Bog Witch and Rules Lawyer

Sean (it/its, they/them) is the Arcanery's resident nonbinary bog witch and rules lawyer. Sean has been an avid RPG player and game master since 2e of the world's greatest roll playing game, which has inspired a lifelong love of working with others to tell stories. In the before times Sean spent its time stage managing and designing for theatre. In these quar times Sean's been spending most their days playing different ttrpgs, prepping to GM sessions of TTRPGs, and working on various campaign settings and supplements with the rest of the Arcanery. When not living in fantasy multiverses, Sean reads a lot and tries to learn as much as they can.

Stephanie Stover


Chief Marketing Officer
Self-Proclaimed Real Life Adventurer

Stephanie is a marketer by trade and an adventurer by heart. She developed an obsession with 5e since starting her D&D journey in early 2020 and prefers playing fighter and barbarian types as well as genasis. Her real life adventures have taken her skydiving, swimming with sharks, sleeping in a castle, living in Costa Rica, volunteering with cheetahs, doing mission work in Africa and backpacking through Central America. When she's not playing 5e, she's rock climbing, watching Friends re-runs, playing with her huskies, working and enjoying life.


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