potion of calm karen

The Potion Of Calm Karen

“I DEMAND a discount.”   “I want a refund.”   “LET ME SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER‼️“ Do you have a Karen in your shop, town or campaign? This potion is a shopkeeper’s dream! Add this to your campaign to give characters, NPCs or Karen-like creatures a calming effect by suppressing their emotions for 1d4 hours. Also calms down angry monsters too! 👿 […]

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Pacts 🤝. They’re important. Without them, we’re all just lonely wandering monsters 👹 in a kobold eat kobold world. To keep us together while we traverse the unknown, we’re asking our loyal friends to join us in a pact as we launch our newest feature – Our new Patreon is uniquely designed to support you, the game master, with the very best, the most […]

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