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What is Metagaming?

First of all, what is metagaming? To put it simply, metagaming is when a player uses real world knowledge that their character wouldn’t know and uses it within a game. Now, is metagaming bad? I truly think it depends on your party, but if you’re having a lot of issues surprising your party with new […]

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The Art of the Steal

Today I’m here to talk about one of my favorite topics to discuss about GMing (and playing) RPGs: stealing ideas from literally everywhere! STEALING!? Isn’t that unethical? Why thanks for asking! And it’s a good point. Stealing someone’s work is not a cool move. If someone is creating things and putting hard work, blood, sweat, […]

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guy learning d&d

6 Tips on Teaching New D&D Players

I’ve had some amazing Games Masters teach me the ropes and I’ve returned the favor to many new players wanting to learn Dungeons and Dragons so I thought I could give you Game Masters some tips on teaching new players in the world of D&D!  1) Host a Session 0 I always try to have […]

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