horror in ttrpgs

4 Tips for Running Horror TTRPG Games

I love horror. Ask any player in a campaign of mine and they’ll tell you that even when I try to stay light and fluffy, horror creeps in. I’m even running a survival horror campaign set in the Bioshock universe.  With the release of the new Ravenloft book horror is on the mind of a […]

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rogue with birds

The Art of the Steal

Today I’m here to talk about one of my favorite topics to discuss about GMing (and playing) RPGs: stealing ideas from literally everywhere! STEALING!? Isn’t that unethical? Why thanks for asking! And it’s a good point. Stealing someone’s work is not a cool move. If someone is creating things and putting hard work, blood, sweat, […]

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guy learning d&d

6 Tips on Teaching New D&D Players

I’ve had some amazing Games Masters teach me the ropes and I’ve returned the favor to many new players wanting to learn Dungeons and Dragons so I thought I could give you Game Masters some tips on teaching new players in the world of D&D!  1) Host a Session 0 I always try to have […]

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describing size

5 Tips to Describe Size in DND 5e

Walking through the dimly lit forest you can hear the foliage crunch beneath your boots. You suddenly come across an area of the forest floor that seems to have been flattened. As if someone had been lying down here but that can’t be because this is a space of about 60 square feet. You swallow and realize your mouth is dry and then, you feel the earth beneath you tremor. 

Every Game Master knows how hard it can be to accurately describe a scene, let alone the creatures within it. I’m here today to help guide you through some of the things that have helped me describe size to my players.

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how to prep a d&d session

How to Prep a D&D Session

Welcome to the post of The Arcanery Lab Notes! I went back and forth on what to write about here. Since it’s the first post should I start with a post about session zeroes? Should I go earlier and do a post on campaign creation? So many options! And then I realized that what I […]

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