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Pacts 🤝. They’re important.

Without them, we’re all just lonely wandering monsters 👹 in a kobold eat kobold world.

To keep us together while we traverse the unknown, we’re asking our loyal friends to join us in a pact as we launch our newest feature –

Our new Patreon is uniquely designed to support you, the game master, with the very best, the most creative and the most quality content we can muster. That’s our pact.

What’s the Deal?

For as little as $1.00 USD per month, you can be an integral member of our adventuring party as we create quality content, dream up fantastical one-shots and publish our exclusive, Patreon-only podcast.

What’s Included?

We have 7 tiers to choose from. Get monthly maps, exclusive voting power, access to our discord, one-shot adventures, join in on our monster night, and more! You could even join our Pact of Playtester and get credited as a playtester in our published adventures! Make the pact with us, and you’ll receive gobs and heaps of support that make your games slash and sizzle.

Where Do I Go?

Check out the new Patreon here.


Make the pact today and let’s begin our journey together!


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